As a Community interest Company, we rely on generous donations from local individuals, businesses and trust funds. In the past year, our work reached 10 thousand people in our region. This was made possible by the support of many local donors and campaigners.

Their contribution has made a positive difference to the lives of disadvantaged people from our City. Yours will too.

Why your donation is so important

  • 67% comes from the community (people like you!)
  • 24% comes from the regular paying customers
  • 7% comes from grants

See our Annual Report for more information, please contact us for a copy.

What your money can pay for:

A £5 donation can provide guitar strings for a musician who otherwise can’t afford them.

A £10 donation is enough to provide time for a trained practitioner to tutor an underprivileged member of the community.

A £100 donation can provide a workshop for a local group to develop their musical skills and social skills.

My donations are like a small pebble being thrown into the huge ocean of problems we all face. But perhaps if enough people throw pebbles, together we can create the huge wave that is needed to solve these problems and make sure that the world is a fairer place for everyone.

– John Simpson (Local Donor)

Please donate to The Bunker.