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The Bunker is an organisation which aims to develop music and arts in the City of Sunderland. As an entity which for over 30 years has acted as a platform for thousands of musicians and artists, many of whom have been catapulted to national and international stages, The Bunker is well recognised as a unique force, providing a creative outlet for youth in Sunderland and contributed significantly to the North East region’s cultural economy.

In 2011, The Bunker’s recording and rehearsal facilities continue to act as base for hundreds of bands. The organisation also delivers training, development and career guidance on a range of music/arts-related topics to budding musicians and young people in Sunderland.

We engage hard to reach learners and run music related projects for people from minority groups or problematic backgrounds, who may otherwise not consider education/training as a route to employment. We aim to provide advice and support to build confidence and help people use music towards a positive outcome, whether this results in a career in the arts or other vocations.

We aim to raise awareness and tackle cultural barriers through interactive music projects, and explore the usage of music in helping the recuperation or treatment of people suffering illness or disabilities. Free rehearsal and recording facilities are available for people from Sunderland who otherwise would not be able to afford to use our services.

Welcome to The Bunker: We are music.

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“The work of The Bunker underpins a great deal of creative activity in Sunderland and plays a key role in the City’s well established music scene,  contributing to the development of the local economy.” - Gary Hutchinson, Commercial Director at Sunderland AFC & Chairman NECC Sunderland
“The Bunker is such an important player in the Sunderland music scene and are always there when we need them. Their experience is invaluable and the quality of their work is second to none.” - Ben Wall, Independent
“The Bunker is a superb place to have in Sunderland, it is a breeding ground for talent and without it I doubt I would have ever become a professional musician. I have been going there for 15 years and it’s better than ever. It’s soulful, ethical and affordable and the city would be screwed without […] - Barry Hyde, The Futureheads
“The Bunker improves lives of young people in Sunderland by providing unique opportunities for musicians and amazing support and encouragement of their creativity.” - Manifesto magazine
“We are sincerely grateful for The Bunker’s contribution and support to the Work Experience Programme. Their work is always very much appreciated” - Sandhill View School

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