About Us

The Bunker has been at the heart of music, creativity and culture in the city of Sunderland for over 30 years.

Acting as a platform for thousands of musicians and artists, many of whom go on to reach national and international stages, The Bunker is well recognised as a unique force, providing a creative outlet for youth in Sunderland and contributed significantly to the North East region’s cultural economy.

Rehearsal room and recording facilities are the core of The Bunker’s services, providing a base and space to develop for bands and artists. We also work with a range of local venues and arts organisations to provide development opportunities and encourage cultural activity in Sunderland.  Additionally, we deliver training, development and career guidance on a range of music/arts-related topics to budding musicians and young people in Sunderland.

We engage hard to reach learners and run music related projects for people from minority groups or problematic backgrounds, who may otherwise not consider education/training as a route to employment. We aim to provide advice and support to build confidence and help people use music towards a positive outcome, whether this results in a career in the arts or other vocations.

We aim to raise awareness and tackle cultural barriers through interactive music projects, and explore the usage of music in helping the recuperation or treatment of people suffering illness or disabilities.

Welcome to The Bunker: We are music.

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